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Scientifically researched,
classroom tested strategies lead to


• Feedback-driven Metacognition

• Spacing

• Interleaving

• Retrieval

YEARS of robust research demonstrate these principles boost student learning.

It is time to get these researched principles into the hands, and minds, of teachers.


Powerful Teaching should be required reading for all teachers.
Teachers need this book. Students need this book. It’s as simple as that.
This book will create a more efficient and effective classroom and improve learning. If this book isn’t in your school’s professional
development library, you’re missing out. Our classrooms are in dire need of this information.

– Blake Harvard,

Educator/EffortfulEduktr Blogr

If we had to select a single book to recommend to instructors of any kind, it would be this masterpiece—Powerful Teaching is the best book on teaching that we’ve ever read.

– Barbara Oakley,

Author of Learning How to Learn

and Mind for Numbers

“Powerful Teaching is an incredible book with a very powerful message for teachers as to how we can transform education. A practical
read, explained clearly and explicitly, this book will impact and improve teaching and learning. I love the fusion of educational research
with real-life practical classroom examples.”

– Kate Jones,

Author of Love to Teach

and Retrieval Practice

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